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Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

J. Scott Angle, Ph.D.

Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources
University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS)

Dr. J. Scott Angle is a national leader in developing the science that supports food production and management of natural resources. As chief executive of the agriculture and environmental sciences arm of a leading land-grant university, he champions public science as a path to improve lives and reduce human suffering. | VideoMeet Scott Angle

His accomplished career in government, non-profit international development, and academia informs an approach to leadership based on service, partnership, and drive for impact. An innovator who holds seven patents, Angle has successfully guided multiple organizations through budget shortfalls and other challenges.

Dr. Angle leads nearly 2,300 employees who work in all 67 Florida counties. UF/IFAS encompasses the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, the Florida Cooperative Extension Service, and the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station.

The VP Promise:
Enriching the CALS Student Experience

The VP Promise is my new initiative providing support to undergraduate students studying within the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS). With the VP Promise, our goal is to enrich CALS students by offering immersive personal experiences in agriculture, life science, and natural resources. These could include:

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These are all excellent examples for how students can learn beyond the classroom. I believe every student should have this opportunity, and should get the support to participate if they need it. We want our students to experience an unparalleled collegiate journey that stands out among — and above — our academic peers. Join me in supporting this promise to our future leaders.

Dr. J. Scott Angle - UF-IFAS Vice President


Office of the Vice President
Agriculture and Natural Resources
1001 McCarty Hall D
Post Office Box 110180
Gainesville, Florida 32611-0180

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