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Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

Imagine if we could...

Imagine if we could use artificial intelligence to assess plant stress, increase crop productivity, save water, control weeds and pests, or detect strawberries fruits. With AI advancements, UF/IFAS researchers are developing technologies to accomplish these ideas and much more.

AI University Initiative

The University of Florida and technology company NVIDIA have announced a public-private partnership that will bring artificial intelligence to the forefront of the university’s technology programs. This partnership is central to UF’s future vision that includes an expansive plan to elevate its impact and reach in research, education, and economic development. This initiative will also create an AI-centric data center that houses the world’s fastest AI supercomputer in higher education.

UF ag engineer to assess crop damage after tropical storms, hurricanes, using AI

University of Florida scientists will use artificial intelligence technology to...

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