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Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

Imagine if we could...

Imagine using artificial intelligence to detect plant diseases and pests, increase crop productivity, save water, control weeds, or detect ripe fruit. With AI advancements, UF/IFAS researchers are developing technologies to accomplish these goals and more. Many UF/IFAS scientists use HiPerGator, world’s fastest AI supercomputer in higher education, to achieve their research goals and help growers and consumers, while simultaneously preserving the environment. HiPerGator is part of an effort by the University of Florida and technology company NVIDIA to bring AI to the forefront of the university’s technology programs.

Artificial Intelligence at UF/IFAS

By the year 2050, the global human population is projected to exceed 9 billion people. As the population grows, the agriculture industry strives to make advancements to improve farm efficiency, while using less land to produce more crops.

Developments in artificial intelligence and precision agriculture are creating new, efficient, and sustainable ways to feed the world. UF/IFAS leads the way with research efforts including detecting tomato diseases using drone technology and aerial imagery, utilizing drone, satellite, and ground images with artificial intelligence to assess and categorize plants, training computers to detect and identify weeds to reduce pesticide use, and much more.

Big Questions, Global Reach – Dr. Xu “Kevin” Wang

Historical Evolution of Selective Breeding and Genetic Traits For many...

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