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    • Study: Brain activity can ID potential buyers

        McFadden GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Brain activation may reveal people who are less certain about a product and indicate they are more easily swayed by an ad, a University of Florida researcher says. In a study published today in the … Continue reading

      Low-altitude aerial images allow early detection of devastating avocado disease

      Caption below GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Low-altitude aerial images can detect laurel wilt, a devastating avocado disease, giving growers an early way to identify diseased trees and perhaps help reduce losses to the $100 million-a-year economic impact avocados provide Florida. Reza … Continue reading

      UF/IFAS researcher using “precision breeding” to create disease-resistant grapes

      Apopka, Fla. — Powdery mildew and black rot are two scourges of grape growers, but University of Florida researcher Dennis Gray is developing disease-resistant grapes, using what he calls “precision breeding” to create these super varieties. Gray, a developmental biologist … Continue reading

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