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UF/IFAS Office Of The Senior Vice President

UF/IFAS Office Of The Senior Vice President


At the core of UF/IFAS is a commitment to inclusion, diversity, equity and access (IDEA). ​


All people are welcomed, respected and recognized ​


Our community reflects the diversity of the state of Florida ​


We work to dismantle systems and structures that privilege some group(s) over others ​


We work to make knowledge and opportunity available to all regardless of ability, location or socio-economic status ​

Each unit within UF/IFAS has developed its own plan for enhancing and improving IDEA and has begun implementing these plans. These efforts will be evaluated based on outcomes and measurable indicators that reflect meaningful change in our organization and its operations. These outcomes and indicators include recruitment and retention of underrepresented faculty and students; equity in salary, promotion and mentorship; and reaching new and underserved audiences with Extension programs.

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