Jack Payne - IFAS SVP


I like to say the state is my office. You can’t do this job at a desk. I travel from Homestead to Escambia to meet people face-to-face. It’s how I communicate the value of our relationships with growers, government officials, employees, community leaders, volunteers and others. Even more important, it’s how I listen and learn about the needs of Floridians and how IFAS can serve them. Here’s where you can find out where I’m going to be.


Part of being a leader is communicating with a mass audience. I write prolifically about agriculture and natural resource issues for newspapers, trade publications, Web sites, blogs and newsletters. I consider my writing a public service that communicates thought leadership, awareness of IFAS services and the tremendous value of science.


I’m often asked to speak at events ranging from small ceremonial gatherings to a ballroom full of the nation’s leading scientists. I consider every occasion an opportunity to be an ambassador for IFAS research, teaching and Extension. A speech is also a powerful way to call people to action.

Talk Back

I’m only as good as the information I get. I’m surrounded by smart people in McCarty Hall, but I need diverse sources, multiple perspectives, tough questions, and surprising ideas. Here’s one place you can do the talking.

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