IFAS Budget & Finance


  • Coordinate development and implementation of legislative and operating budgets
  • Monitor use of state general revenue, SHARE, and federal formula funds
  • Disbursement of indirect cost return funds
  • Management of faculty and staff salary funds
  • Institutional research resource for the senior vice president and deans

Additionally, the Office of Budget and Finance provides leadership and support to all units of the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences in fiscal matters. We assist department and center personnel with the management of their accounts, including state appropriations, federal funds, grants and contracts, SHARE funds, and other funding sources. While each of us in the Budget & Finance Office has an area of specialization, we are able and eager to assist anyone on any University and IFAS financial matter.

Contact Us

IFAS Budget & Finance
2035 McCarty D
PO Box 110280
Gainesville, FL 32611

(352) 294-2269
(352)392-3425 (fax)

Kimberly L. Browne, Director
Belinda Scurlock
Juli Carter
Lisa DuVall

Duties and Responsibilities

Kimberly L. Browne

Kimberly is responsible for the overall administration of the Office of Budget & Finance. She has direct responsibility for the budget allocation and management of state and federal funds; the creation of the IFAS All Funds Budget; the accounting and distribution of faculty salaries and staff “rate” across IFAS units; the analysis of current year expenditures and projection of future year commitments; the distribution of returned overhead to the IFAS Deans, Departments and PIs; and to engage in agreements on behalf of the Senior Vice President for IFAS. She is responsible for the analysis of fiscal matters and for making policy recommendations to the Senior Vice President, the Deans for Research, Teaching and Extension, and University Budget Office.

Belinda Scurlock

Accountant III – Federal/Capacity Funds & Returned Overhead 
Belinda is responsible for the management of federal formula funds for Research & Extension, as well as the preparation of the Extension Federal Financial reports for NIFA. She prepares financial statements for the Research & Extension Incidental Funds for the University of Florida. Belinda also assists departments in managing their funds, correcting negative balances, budget exceptions, and budget transfers as needed. Belinda is responsible for the distribution of returned overhead to the IFAS units, Deans, Departments, PIs and Centers. She is also responsible for deposits to the accounting system from the IFAS Research & Education Centers. She prepares the IFAS monthly sales tax report, processes federal cash draws and completes the quarterly FFR Accounts receivables report for the University of Florida.

Juli Carter

Accountant III – State Appropriations 
Juli’s main responsibilities include the management of faculty salaries, distributions, and raises. She also maintains the IFAS database on staff rate, and assists units in the management of that rate. Juli is also responsible for the execution of IFAS’ Faculty Supplemental Salary Program, Chartfield Liaison for IFAS, FCMP program, various reports as needed by the Director or Senior Vice President, and assists departments with best management practices, financial questions and system problems.

Lisa DuVall

Administrative Specialist III  
Lisa is responsible for the overall Effort Reporting for IFAS. Effort includes assisting departments with completing Academic Activity Reporting (AAR), Faculty Assignment Reports (FAR) and completing the Effort certification process. She is also the liaison between IFAS departments and Contract & Grants in managing sponsored project commitments as related to effort reporting. Lisa also provides support services to the Budget and Accounting Coordinators. She also assists various offices in McCarty with fiscal management, including International Programs, CALS Dean’s Office, IFAS Communications Services and the Office of Development.