Florida Agricultural Council (FAC), Inc. and Regional Advisory Councils (RAC)

The Florida Agricultural Council, Inc. (FAC) was established as a non-profit foundation for the purpose of advising and assisting the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) in the fulfillment of its land-grant mission. In 2006, the FAC modified its corporate structure and established five regional advisory councils to foster more regional grassroots input.

The primary focus of our interaction with the Regional Advisory Councils (RAC) is to provide you with a forum in which to discuss societal trends, educational and technological issues, and economic pressures that affect agricultural and natural resource entities in Florida. Based on member input, the FAC and IFAS will attempt to determine how it can best respond to these issues. We do not view this as a one-time interaction and are committed to using the RACs and the full Agricultural Council as a perpetual means of dialogue with our stakeholders.

If you have questions regarding participation on the committee, please feel free to contact Jeanna Mastrodicasa at jmastro@ufl.edu or Goldie King at kingo@ufl.edu. You may also call our office at 352-392-1971.

Once again, welcome. We believe you will find the experience useful and rewarding.