Social Media FAQ

How can I get my account listed in the UF/IFAS social media directory?

Where do I find information on UF/IFAS social media guidelines?

      • You can find information about UF/IFAS social media guidelines here and UF’s guidelines here.

Why should I register my account as an official UF/IFAS account?

      • Having your account registered and listed in the UF/IFAS official directory advertises your account to audiences visiting the page. Also, UF will only share and promote your account if your site is listed in UF's official directory.

How do I start a social media site?

How do I register my site as an official UF social media account?

  • Although these tips focus on Facebook and Twitter, any UF/IFAS account on all social media platforms (e.g., Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube) should submit their accounts for registration before using that platform.
    1. Review the UF/IFAS social media guidelines to familiarize yourself with the rules.
    2. Make a social media strategy plan.
    3. Create your site. (Be sure to follow the guidelines.) 
      • Before your site is approved, only post the content required in the guidelines. Do not promote your site or engage with other sites until your site is approved by UF/IFAS Communications and University Relations.
      • For help setting up a Facebook account, visit Creating a Facebook Page, and for help with Twitter, visit Creating a Twitter Account.
    4. Once you create the site, send the link to for UF/IFAS Communications approval. When you send in the site for approval, let us know you have filled out your social media plan and include the contact information for the account managers.
    5. After your account is approved by UF/IFAS Communications, submit your account for registration with University Relations.
      • Note: UF does not notify contacts when their site has been approved, so check the official UF social media directory to see when your site is approved.
      • Once your site is approved by UF, please contact UF/IFAS Communications, so we can add the site to the UF/IFAS official directory.