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Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

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Frequently Asked Questions



Faculty & Staff

More COVID-19 resources from UF/IFAS

Last updated 03/27/20 ; 10:52 a.m. 

For questions not addressed here, please visit the UF COVID-19 FAQ page.


What is the status of my UF/IFAS Extension county office?

Please see the local updates page.

How are UF/IFAS programs and events affected?

UF/IFAS events and gatherings scheduled through May 15 are postponed, including workshops, celebrations and social events. Face-to-face programs are postponed or moved to an online format. 


Please see the latest memo from the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

For all other questions regarding students, please visit UF’s COVID-19 FAQ page.


Please see the latest memo from the Office of the Senior Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Have a question that isn’t answered here? Contact your unit leader or supervisor.

How is travel affected?

In addition to UF travel guidance, IFAS staff are to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Professional travel will be restricted to within the state of Florida
  • Travel by airlines will not be supported
  • If a student or staff person is currently travelling and prevented from returning by international or other organizational travel restrictions, UF/IFAS will support their travel and return, within normal travel policy financial guides.
  • Document any impacts to sponsored project deliverables, including travel to care for plots or animals; travel for team meetings or trainings
  • Communicate significant hardships to leadership so that IFAS can provide additional assistance where needed

If faculty are traveling outside Florida right now, what should they do when they return?

Please send a list of all staff, faculty and students abroad to the office of the Senior Vice President. UF employees and students returning from international travel must self-quarantine for 14 days.

How are work activities affected?

Work events such as business meeting should be moved to an online platform such as Zoom. Previously scheduled unit reviews may proceed, but Zoom options should be considered.

Are programs delivered in schools postponed?

This is dependent upon the school situation. However, in order to minimize the spread of the virus, faculty and staff should avoid these programs.

In the event that campus is closed, will essential personnel be allowed to continue essential research and how do we document who is essential?

Use UF’s guidance for defining essential personnel.

If we have UF employees whose official work locations are in another country do they need to return to the UF? These individuals are not on travel since their work location is abroad.

How are alternative work location (AWL) requests being handled?

Directors and supervisors may evaluate AWL requests as they pertain to continued operations.  All OPS employees, including postdoctoral associates and student/graduate assistants, may continue to work as appropriate.  This includes graduate teaching assistants. Should an AWL be needed or advised, supervisors may provide working options to employees whose job duties can be performed remotely without hampering operations. 

UFHR has created a modified AWL Agreement Form, valid from now until May 1, 2020.  To expedite processing, the Unit Leader may sign on the ‘Dean or Director’ line to put the agreement in force.

Where can I find resources and tools for working remotely?

See tools for working remotely from IFAS IT (Gatorlink sign-in required).

IFAS IT staff continue to develop new content for this site, so please check back regularly and contact the IFAS helpdesk if you have ideas for content that would be useful.

IFAS employees should seek supervisor approval before working from an alternate work location and be signed into Microsoft Teams to ensure that they can be reached.

Who should respond to media inquiries?

It is fine to respond about questions if an event will or will not be held, or ABOUT local information, but any questions related to university’s response to COVID-19 should and all other media inquiries should be directed to Steve Orlando, AVP for UF Communications, 352-273-3819.