Natural Resources Leadership Institute

‌The Florida Natural Resources Leadership Institute (NRLI) is a professional development program that brings together individuals from a wide range of natural resource sectors, including industry, government, non-profit, and academia, to develop skills in conflict management, communication, negotiation and collaborative leadership with the goal of improving natural resource decision-making in Florida.

NRLI distinguishes itself by accepting interested individuals who represent a wide range of professional backgrounds. The variety of experience that the institute’s participants bring to the program and the broad scope of its training help it develop leaders capable of bridging the divide between experts and laypeople, regulators and regulated, and producers and consumers.

The NRLI program is conducted over a period of 9 months and is composed of 8 intensive 3-day sessions held monthly in different parts of the state from August through April (skipping December).

Program Highlights

Training includes:

  • Immersion in natural resource issues in the state through first-hand experiences (field visits)
  • Engagement with stakeholders from a variety of institutions with emphasis on exposure to a range of perspectives on the issue being studied
  • Creative, experiential and practical instruction in skills, concepts, tools and strategies related to collaborative decision-making, conflict management, communication and negotiation

The NRLI program helps participants gain new skills, including:

  • Assuming  leadership roles in collaborative decision making
  • Designing and facilitating collaborative group processes
  • Increasing stakeholder involvement in collaborative decision-making
  • Negotiating and collaborating inside and outside their organization
  • Designing and running effective meetings
  • Communicating about natural resource issues

Application and Selection Process

The Institute encourages individuals who have a stake in improving natural resource decision-making in Florida to apply. Each NRLI class is composed of approximately 18 Fellows representing a broad array of natural resource professions, including federal, state, and local government, community organizations, engineering, law, consulting, and academia. The program has trained 255 people from 95 organizations and all parts of the state.

Interested individuals should fill out the application form and send it along with a resume/CV to Jessica Ireland, NRLI Program Coordinator.

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Immersion in natural resource issues in the state through first-hand experiences